Welcome to my website. I'm Lukáš, a full-time wedding photographer.

It's been over 12 years since my hobby turned into a job that I love more than ever.

My biggest priority is your comfort during the entire photo shoot. A friendly and relaxed atmosphere, that's how I would simply describe a photo shoot with me. I like to take photos in photogenic places, wherever they are. I am discreet and attentive at work. Authentic photos require a minimum of intervention from me. When photographing a wedding day, I focus on quality as much as possible. During portrait photography you will get to know my other side, the whole process is in my hands and you can enjoy it to the fullest. It will be my pleasure to capture your big day.

Smiling couples in love, good mood, vivid and pleasant colors. This is how I perceive my photos.

I live in the Bratislava, but I take photos all over Slovakia and the surrounding area. I like to travel. If you are planning your wedding anywhere abroad, you can count on me.

Apart from Slovak, I can communicate fluently in English.

If you are interested in my services or any information that you did not find on this website, be sure to get in touch. I look forward to seeing you!


I am one of the 24 members of the Association of Slovak Wedding Photographers, which brings together the best wedding photographers in Slovakia.

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Lujza & Filip

“Thank you Lukáš for the wonderful materialization of our wedding day. One video call a few days before the wedding was enough and my ideas were filled to the brim. Capturing exceptional moments, people, atmosphere, emotions, environment. Improvisation, imagination, professionalism and, above all, incredible humanity. You can't help but smile at this man. ☺️
This is the photographer you want by your side on this stressful day. Laughing, optimistic, kind and friendly. We couldn't have wished for better.”

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How do you photograph weddings?

Even before the wedding, I will send you my guide full of tips that will help you enjoy your big day to the fullest. During the wedding, I'm more of an introvert focused on the best possible result. Emotions and moments that you don't have time to notice during your wedding day can be found in your wedding album. I can completely direct the portrait photography and you will enjoy it to the fullest.

I consider mutual dialogue to be very important, in which I get to know your idea of the wedding day, but also your expectations from our cooperation. Before taking photos, I prefer a video call (or a classic phone call). From my side, ideally in the week before the wedding. It will be an honor to stand by your side on your big day.

Where are you from and how far are you traveling?

I live in the Bratislava, but I photograph weddings all over Slovakia and in the surrounding states. If you are planning your wedding abroad, you can count on me. In addition to Slovak, I speak English fluently.

When will we receive our photos?

In the week after the wedding, I will send you a "taste" of your wedding day and portrait photography, consisting of a couple of fully processed photos ready for publication.

I will hand over your finished wedding album to you no later than 3 months after the photo shoot. While at the beginning of the wedding season it takes me a few weeks to process one wedding, in the fall at the height of the season, it usually takes 3 months due to the busyness.

I will transfer the finished photos to you via online gallery, in print-ready resolution and also in high resolution. I send the photos "clean", without a logo or any watermark.

How many photos will we get?

The minimum number of photos that I will send you from the entire wedding day photo shoot is 700.

To be more precise, the average number of uploaded photos from the entire wedding day last season is 863 photos. How many photos will we receive?

How to take wedding portraits?

Most brides and grooms have almost no experience with taking photos with a professional photographer. That is why the portrait photography is completely under my direction. As a result, you don't have to think at all about the poses and the course of the photo shoot before taking the photo. I consider this approach one of the priorities of my work. Relaxed atmosphere, good mood and photography in motion are words that better describe the course of photography from my point of view. Choosing a photogenic place for taking your wedding portraits is key, which is why I already address it during the pre-wedding consultation. The ideal time frame for taking such photos is 2 hours. In the case of portrait photography during the wedding day, it is ideal to have at least 90 minutes set aside for portrait photography.

The output from portrait photography consists of photos of details, whole and semi-whole using several lenses and photography techniques.

I put my best into portrait photography. However, I will also require a small percentage of effort from you. Since I try to make my photos show the given moment and emotions as faithfully as possible, I need you to put yourself fully into the role of the photographed. I am convinced that with such a mutual approach we will be able to create a perfect result.

Portraits on another day?

If portrait photography is a higher priority for you, I recommend scheduling it on a different day than the wedding day.

Sufficient time, no other plans and adapting the time of the photo shoot to the light conditions will greatly help to achieve a perfect result from your portrait photography. The advantage is the opportunity to travel and take photos in places that we cannot get to during the wedding day.

The most suitable light and time of day for wedding photography in the early evening and at sunset. During the summer months, it is best to plan the start of photography at 6 o'clock in the evening. During spring and autumn around 2 o'clock in the afternoon. With a photo shoot planned in this way, you will have two hours on your wedding day that you can dedicate to your loved ones, or you can plan the start of the wedding day for later.

How do you process photos?

The work of a wedding photographer does not end with taking pictures. From the beginning of the sorting of the photos to the submission, dozens of hours pass during which I dedicate myself to editing and processing the photos. Every single uploaded photo is processed in detail. For each photo, I adjust the exposure, contrast, sharpness, color presentation, dynamic range. In some photos, there are local adjustments that aim to highlight the overall presentation of the photo.

In addition, I gently retouch portrait photos so that they look natural, as I prefer a natural result as much as possible. I use the professional editors Adobe Lightroom Classic and Adobe Photoshop for photo editing.

Do you only photograph entire wedding days?

During the weekends, I take photos of the entire wedding day, so I prefer photography from the preparations to the reception.

If you are interested in a smaller range of photography, the photography of half of the wedding day is in the range from preparations to the first dance or from the ceremony to 01:00.

If you are only interested in portrait wedding photography, it is possible to take photos during the week, on working days.

If you are not planning your wedding on the weekend, the range of photography can be shorter. When photographing a wedding day in a week, I will give you the price individually by e-mail exactly according to the number of hours.